Monday, July 30, 2007

Not just another excuse this time

I'm always full of excuses when I don't blog often. This time it's a real one. My grandmother died last week so I've been outta town and busy with other things. I'll give a nice blog soon! I promise.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Once again, sorry for the lack o'blog.
I've been sick a lot lately. Blech! I've spent most of my time reading the blogs of others and watching youtube vids.
So tonight is the big night!!! Where will I be? Asleep.
I'm to old to go to the release party, right? Yes. Here's why.
Several years ago, I went to the release party for HP3(I think). I arrived at Barnes and Noble and realized I was the only person there over 14 (aside from the 12 and unders' parents who didn't seem at all interested in HP). I was soooo embarrassed. I felt too silly to get in line for the free HP glasses or to participate in the wand making project. I started following random kids around and spouting out an occasional "Billy, get over here!" so I would look like a parent. These days I'm ashamed of my shame. Now that HP is supper huge I should feel great about being an HP die hard when HP wasn't cool. Actually there was never a time when HP wasn't cool, but there was a time when many adults purchased the book with that boring grown-up cover.

The above tale of woe really has nothing to do with why I'm not going to the party. H and S are too young to take out that late so we'll be heading to B&N after lunch. Maybe they'll be passing out some fun freebies early in the day! Simon has agreed to let me draw a lightening bolt on his forehead. Wish us luck in our quest for free Potteraphanalia to clutter the house.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Roadside Feast

Snack's ready and you can find it on the side of the road! And by that I don't mean roadkill pizza.
The blackberries are ready! Woohoo.
I took the kidlets for a walk down the rentals dirt road to eat the berries. We didn't bring a basket because I only like them fresh and warm off the vine. I guess I should wash them first but who worries about a little acid rain wash and bear drool? Not me!

Speaking of bears.. I was so worried we would come across one. There is one living nearby and has been making nightly visits and was spotted on my mom's front porch a few nights ago.

Many of the berries are still too pink and tart but the big juicy black ones were dilish. I just wish the seedless variety grew wild.
The berries should be at their prime in about a week so come by and eat 'em all. I often see locals and travellors parking their cars along the edge of the road on the mountain passes and climbing into the bushes. If you do this, watch for snakes and cars!!!!