Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can't see the light.....

15 graduate credits down, bazillions to go; however, I do have the next couple of weeks off for working on my own writing projects, going to the beach, reading loads and stuff purging (for the purpose of becoming more organized).
That was kind of a lame blog post so I'll tell you a tale.

There was a random mom at the playground a couple of days ago. She was hanging around with her own son who was playing with my Simon. I was reading my book "Twisted Sister" by Stephanie Hale, when I heard her say "Pencil?" I looked up, very confused as to why this woman would be asking me "Pencil?" What in the world did that even mean? She asked me more than once and looked very confused herself. "Pencil?" Cleverly.. I figured out that she must need to borrow a pencil. I said "Sorry, I don't have one." She said "No, your son's name is Pencil?"
WTF?!?!?! Hilarious!
Apprently, Simon (4) had told this poor woman that his name was Pencil and she didn't want to offend me by doubting him. How weird and funny.
Today he has changed his name from Simon to Spiderman to Police Officer. What a little goof. And.. here he is.. Pencil, on his birthday..

And.. just to be fair.. here is a lovely shot of my daughter Spatula.