Works in Progress

Anna Dean Goes Viral – YA
3/4 complete

Anna Dean is tricked into confessing that she sometimes “cuts the cheese” on a video that goes viral. Her charmingly stupid onscreen personality wins her a cult following, to the dismay of the bullies who published the video in the first place. Should valedictorian, Anna, sell-out and embrace her new flighty image for the perks of fast fame?  


Nights at Green Castle - NA
While experimenting with drugs, popular and studious Jackie disinters the body of a rumored witch. Haunted by her conscience and the souls of the family buried in the remote graveyard of Green Castle, Jackie becomes reclusive and then obsessed with the history of the property. She researches the tragic families who once dwelled in the Gothic home, and her own life begins to parallel their stories. Will Jackie overcome her guilt and reclaim her voice or continue to remain a medium for the restless, uninhibited spirits of Green Castle?


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